My name is Andrea Delfini, and I’ve been working for over fifteen years of buying and selling used cars and bikes. I started like hobbies in the home garage.

The company Actionbike has been dealing with years of motorcycles trading with foreign consolidated customers. This activity commits us to 90% but moved by the passion we also withdraw motorcycles that are not intended for export but we are interested in the domestic market. Every day we move to a different region to organize retreats at various private or retailers, defining the economic and bureaucratic side at the time of withdrawal. The seriousness and speed that characterizes us allows us to have many contacts with word-of-mouth. The dealers who work with us are benefiting from the ability to withdraw with appreciable valuations that are not commercially available for our domestic market.

We also consider incidental motorcycles for the disposal of used spare parts.

For the shopping activity we have a web page destined for that will help you get a top valuation.

We are available at our office Monday to Saturday only in the morning, but by telephone from 07:00 to 24:00 Monday through Saturday with telephone numbers that have been going on for more than 20 years to reiterate their seriousness and professionalism.

Andrea +39 347 426 3248
Luigi +39 366 898 5749